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How can I see more of my past transactions? created by rockcrawler304 [permalink]
You can add ?count=1000 to the end of the URL in your tool bar for your user ID. The number 1000 can be any number you choose. For example: http://www.urladex.com/user/c2?count=1000
It can also be used in the main forum like this. http://www.urladex.com/players?count=1000
When does the season end? created by c2 [permalink]
This season (22) will start on 2010-11-01 00:00:00 PST, and end TBD later by Colin!
"Shares of this stock are temporarily frozen." What does this mean? created by rockcrawler304 [permalink]
In an effort to stop, or slow down, the flipping of shares between accounts, once a person sells his/her shares they all become "Frozen" from buys for a random time limit of 15-90 min.
Why can't I log in to my account?? created by helpnow [permalink]
This site uses cookies. If you can't log in to your account, it may be that your browser settings are blocking this site. Under Internet Options - Privacy, set the level to Medium. If you need to leave your privacy setting to higher than Medium, then you can override this setting for a particular site - just click on Web Sites - Edit, and then add "urladex.com" and "ALLOW".
Something is wrong!? There is a bug and people are cheating!! What do I do?!?? created by helpnow [permalink]
In the interest of fixing problems as soon as they're discovered, rather than after they're exploited, urladex has functionality which allows admins to put transactions on hold. So, if something is really broken, get one of the admins (ezgruv, helpnow, or rockcrawler304) to put transactions on hold. C2 and Colin (game administrators) will get an email and the problem will get fixed.
What's the deal with Season 13 created by NickSunshine [permalink]
Season 13 was played with a few "Bugs" that have now been worked out. It was put on hold many times and "Gone Fishing" for about 10 days straight. All in all, we finished on a positive note from Colin with a few things fixed, changed, and cleared up.
What's the deal with Season 12? created by colin [permalink]
Season 12 will be a short season, running from Dec. 15 until Jan. 15. No shirts will be awarded; instead, $200 will be donated to the winner's charity of choice.

congratulations indigodergisiª :)
read all about it in Colin's blog: http://www.casegame.com/blog/2008/03/06/turkish-trader-turns-10k-i ...
Is this real money? created by colin [permalink]
No, urladex is just a game, this is not real money.
I'm new, do you have any suggestions? created by c2 [permalink]
There are four different types of sites:

1. basic non-mover sites: who cares! http://www.creative.com is a good example. Don't bother with these site, unless they happen to fall under 2.

2. dugg, etc. sites: a front page site on digg will normally jump between $200 to $1000 a day. If you can pick these up, then good for you. But the competition is fierce, and mostly reserved to compulsive diggers and other scripters. I personally do not use these and I'm doing fine without them. I guess you could also include the porn sites, used with thehun.net (never used that either). This is the most time consuming technique, but also the most productive, i.e. $1M in one week is a piece of cake at the beginning of the season. These sites normally have the best growth rate (150%-15,000%).

3. cyclicals: Aah, my bread and butter. You gotta love cyclicals. Combine these with any other technique whenever you have leftover cash. When you start going into cyclicals depends on how good you feel you are. Cyclicals have a relatively low return on investment (10-40%), which is why you shouldn't go into them right away. However, they are extremely reliable, and can be very high priced (which is good when you have several 100Ms to invest). Cyclicals can be risers or downers. (meaning they tend to go higher every peak or lower every peak. Riser cyclicals are, i daresay, the shit. To find cyclicals, the best thing to do is to look at the top players' portfolios. Whenever you see a good cyclical site, watch it, and add a tag to it to allow quicker reference. Don't be surprised if your watch list reaches 500 sites. You should start watching right now for the better sites. There are two cycles, generally speaking: weekend and weekday cyclicals. Think about what a good weekend cyclical could be (cartoons) and then search for those kinds of sites online.

4. jumpers: great sites to buy, but hard as hell to find. Most of the time, you'll have to get these off someone else. There is a list of some great jumper sites available. The best source to find them is the daily top gainer and loser lists. These sites can really make a difference, but they can be dangerous, especially since you have to hold on to them for such a long time. So they can end up costing you more than just buying plain old cyclicals. I recommend buying these cheap, but don't try to beat someone with 4 times your money to them... unless you're the only one to watch them.
Who are the game administrators? Who are the main forum moderators? created by elch [permalink]
Game Administrators: Colin, c2
Main Forum Moderators: Daytona, ezgruv, kestor, jww132, helpnow, rockcrawler304
How do I become a Hall of Famer? created by c2 [permalink]
The top 10 finishers of every season are awarded entry to the HOF. Past HOFers are granted a small "a" beside their name to indicate their status. By clicking on the "a" you will be forwarded to the Hall of Fame.
How is a site's share-price calculated? created by c2 [permalink]
The graphs are drawn daily by Alexa to represent the number of hits per million users whose computers are equipped with the Alexa toolbar. The number of hits per million users determines the potential price of the site's share. The price of a share is calculated by choosing the greatest of either values: the daily price, or the 7-day average price. Thus a site with a downward graph will have its price higher than the latest number of hits (because the 7-day average will keep that price up), while a site with a rising graph will have its price at the daily number of hits.
When do updates come in? created by c2 [permalink]
Updates are daily, usually between 15:00 and 18:00 PDT. But you should know that updates occur only when Alexa updates, therefore a problem on Alexa's database can block updates from coming in.
What is the trade window and how does it work? created by c2 [permalink]
Every time Alexa.com updates, the trading window is closed, thus allowing for all of the prices to update before anyone is allowed to start buying or selling. The trade window generally stays closed for two hours following updates.

The purpose of the trading window is block arbitrage opportunities that may arise due to price discrepancies between alexa.com and urladex.com.
If you perform arbitrage in this game, you may expect some envy from some members of the player community.
How are the total number of shares calculated? created by c2 [permalink]
The total shares available for a site = 100 * natural_log( pi * 3_month_average_reach ).
Is there a limit on trading? created by c2 [permalink]
You may have a total of 300 open transactions in your portfolio at any time.
What do the urladex community of players consider to be cheating? created by c2 [permalink]


If you want, create 1000 accounts. It is not cheating, and there is nothing currently restricting you.

Whether it SHOULD be restricted is another issue, but moot, since it is currently unrestricted. Colin is aware of the issues vis-a-vis multiple accounts. So far he has decided to just let it be. Last season was enjoyable because we did not fight with each other over things like this - let's make this season as enjoyable as last season.<grin>

**** If the site lets you do it, you can do it. ****

- helpnow

NOTE: These "rules" were written by HelpNow, not c2. They are wholly useless unless they are removed from these FAQs which can be changed by any HOFer (some suggested rules I wrote have been deleted, most have been rewritten by certain HOFers to serve their own interests), and incorporated into a formal set of game rules. In addition, these rules are useless unless they are enforced by the game operator, Colin. As it stands, these rules are not enforced, and as such, their presence here is meaningless.

- buying porn: not cheating
- arbitrage: not cheating (c2, Forex)
- hoarding (for excessive periods of time): stupid, but not cheating
- multiple accounts: not cheating
- flipping stocks between multiple accounts: minor cheating
- disguising your identity(ies): purpose is suspicious, and thus cheating is assumed
- manipulating traffic of domains you own: not cheating -- insider trading is OK, colin said so himself
- stealing someone's account: major cheating
- buying dummy aliases: cheating and not tolerated (see http://www.urladex.com/faq?id=452)
- buying legitimate aliases (ex. cnnpakistan.com, an alias of cnn.com): not cheating
How does forum/group moderation work? created by c2 [permalink]
The owner of a group has the ability to make any member of that group a moderator. Group moderators are given the power to delete any message in that group. Moderator names are written in italics in the group's players list.
Why was my forum post deleted? created by jww132 [permalink]
Forum posts may be deleted by moderators if their contents:
- are vulgar, harassing, disrespectful, hateful, or threatening
- are sexually explicit or suggestive
- contain a question already answered in this FAQ
- serve only to illicit an angry response, i.e. flaming
- are spam, such as advertising a certain domain
- are redundant, such as posting the same or similar message repeatedly in one or many threads/groups
- are off topic to the thread or forum
- are classified as non-forum friendly topics that should not be discussed in the main forum, as set by the moderators (private forums are up to the owner's discretion)
I've been put in a timeout? What does that mean? created by c2 [permalink]
A timeout means you've been banned from posting in the forums for 24 hours. You can still play the game, you just can't post comments.

So why have you been banned? Probably for spamming the forums. Moderators have the ability to temporarily ban people as a measure to help keep the forums more enjoyable for everyone. Temporary bans are an extreme measure and will only be used as a moderator's last defense.

Is it possible that a moderator has made a poor decision? Absolutely. But spamming the messages boards doesn't help anyone. If you feel like you've been unfairly banned, send a message to c2.
How do I edit the style of my text in the forum? created by c2 [permalink]
urladex supports BBCode-like syntax in forum posts and user messages:
- [b]bold[/b]: bold
- [i]italics[/i]: italics
- [u]underline[/u]: underline
- [s]strike[/s]: strike
- [f]fixed[/f]: fixed
- [color green]green[/color]: green
How can I space out the paragraphs in my posts? created by helpnow [permalink]
A little bug in the system currently removes empty single lines in posts. So, separate paragraphs with TWO empty lines, and your post will be presented with the desired single line between paragraphs!
I think urladex is the bestest game in the world. How do I get my friends to join? created by c2 [permalink]
You can use the referral link in your personal profile to get your friends to join urladex. For every referral you make, you will get a $1,000 referral bonus. Bonuses are delivered a few days after the referred player starts trading. You may not get more than 10 referral bonuses. Top referrers will get a small "o" added to their name to mark their contribution to the game. But really, the referral bonus almost never shows up. If you actually get it, consider yourself lucky!


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